Group AD&D Insurance

Group AD&D Insurance

Life’s risky. Some occupations come with unique challenges such as high risk on the job, out of country exposures, or war and terrorism risk. We insure against all of these scenarios, so imagine what we can do for your white collar group?

Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage from Sutton Special Risk offers 24–hour, year round, worldwide protection. We offer industry leading plan designs at highly competitive rates. Plans are designed to fit the specific requirements for each group. That’s why our clients include everything from employer and affinity groups to associations, expatriates, students, sports teams and volunteers.

Protect your clients with Sutton Special Risk

For over 35 years Sutton Special Risk has responded to the unique insurance needs of our clients worldwide. With our unparalleled suite of products, consultative approach, underwriting expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service, we can ensure your clients are protected against life’s risks.

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