Election Day – Where Image Is Everything!

Life’s risky.
 Today Canadians go to the polls after being bombarded by election campaigns from the various parties over the last several weeks. The image and ideals of each candidate has been put under the microscope and been called into question by the media as well as the opposition parties. The past 12 months have shown Canadians how the image of a key person, a mayor for example, can impact not just a city but an entire country.

It’s not just in politics where image is key. Professional athletes and movie stars often endorse products on behalf of a whole range of companies. The costs associated with TV ads, production of posters and billboards can reach millions of dollars – so what happens if that person does something to disgrace themselves, or if they die?

Sutton Special Risk offers protection for the costs incurred in cancelling an advertising campaign should a celebrity either disgrace themselves, die or become disabled. Coverage can include reproducing advertising material, reimbursement of the celebrity fee, and the costs of media which cannot be used.

Our unique relationship with Lloyd’s allows us to provide superior contingency protection to give your clients peace of mind!

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