Are your players fully protected?

Life’s risky.TM Do you have players on your roster whose contracts exceed the amount of Accidental Death (AD) insurance offered under the league plan?

Sutton Special Risk provides insurance protection to bridge the gap. Coverage is written on a 24 hour basis - on and off the ice.

Our AD product offers:

  • High amounts of coverage - up to $40,000,000 on any one player
  • No medical underwriting
  • Competitive pricing

Smarter coverage

The insurance reduces as the contract is earned throughout the playing season and stays level during the off-season.

Why pay for level amounts of coverage if your contractual obligation reduces as the season progresses?

To obtain a quote, simply send us a spreadsheet of the players with their contract amounts and the amount each player is insured for under the league plan.


For more information please contact: Colin Fairlie - Vice President, Sports
Direct Line: (416) 307-5623

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