Life's Risky. If we were hesitant about special risks, we'd have chosen another business.

So when we approach disability coverage we recognize that not everyone's situation fits neatly into a standard package. That is why we offer sky's-the-limit coverage. Each client's package depends on their particular type of risk and potential loss.

A few examples

High-limit disability "Top Up":
Take Dave. A high-level securities executive with a mid-six figure salary. The disability benefits under his group plan, with a traditional domestic carrier, don't extend to his high salary range. Their maximum of $10,000 a month would barely meet his mortgage. Enter Sutton Special Risk, and our Disability Top Up, to fill the gap. We've got Dave covered, and if his salary should double or triple - we'll cover that too. The sky really is the limit with us.

Risky Travel:
Philip is a telecom consultant traveling regularly to unstable and war-torn regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria. Way out of the comfort zone of most traditional domestic carriers. Philip never leaves the country without Sutton’s temporary and long term disability, including war risk and terrorism coverage. A special risk indeed. And we've got him covered wherever he goes. Anywhere.

Musicians and Performers:
Janice is about to sign her dream record deal with a major producer, and the potential numbers are staggering. But the contract depends on her being insured against becoming sick or injured and unable to fulfill the contract. Most traditional carriers' nightmare. For Sutton Special Risk though, it's what we do best. The extraordinary cases. We've got Janice covered, the contract is signed, and everyone is happy.

Key Person:
A small software company is acquired and the two original tech savvy partners agree to three year contracts to ensure a complete transfer of their knowledge and expertise to the new owners. If either were to become disabled and unable to work, Sutton's Key Person Temporary Total Disability would match their income for the three year period, allowing the purchaser to hire a replacement. An unusual challenge for any insurer. And we've got them covered.

No limit cover. Practically any type of risk. Virtually anywhere in the world. It's what we do at Sutton Special Risk.


Unsurpassed cover for temporary and long term disability

Whatever. Wherever. Whenever.

Extraordinary cover for high-value professionals

  • Corporate executives
  • Key persons
  • Professional athletes
  • Entertainment professionals

Extraordinary cover for exceptional situations

  • Top Up
  • Partnership Buyouts
  • Key Person Replacement
  • Performance Contracts
  • Corporate Buy/Sell
  • Employment Contracts
  • Income Replacement
  • Business Overhead

Extra-Special Risks –
The Price of Fame?

Sometimes the things celebrities insure seem decidedly unusual.

As early as the 1950’s celebrities have insured body parts vital to their careers. Famous dancers and supermodels have insured their legs. Breasts too have been covered. At least one flamboyant pianist insured his fingers. An American football player recently insured his helmet-overflowing cascade of head hair. Probably for his lucrative shampoo-advertising contract. Clearly he views those luxuriant locks as vital to his livelihood, and to lose them would constitute a disability.

If you have a client with a disability insurance need – even an extra-special risk need – give us a call, we can help. Life’s Risky™

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