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Sutton Special Risk New York

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33 Yonge Street, Suite 270, P.O. Box 311
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1G4
Phone: 416.366.2223
Toll Free Line: 1.800.461.3292
Email: inquiries@suttonspecialrisk.com



  J. Gregory Sutton President & Chief Executive Officer
  Carol Graham Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer 416.307.5610
  Andrew Gottwald Chief Financial Officer 416.307.5634
  Kate MacLean Executive Assistant 416.307.5602



  Special Risk
  Jennifer Lebow Vice President of Strategic Partnerships 416.307.5639
  Chris Carr Manager, Special Risk Underwriting 416.307.5622
  Marie-Claude Zardo Senior Underwriter 416.307.5605
  Mary Dubbeldam Manager, Documentation 416.307.5611
  Nancy Wallace Senior Account Coordinator 416.307.5627
  Bianca Arabia Junior Underwriter 416.307.5646
  Taylor Dunne Account Coordinator 416.307.5615
  Miranda Dakaj Marketing Coordinator 416.307.5626
  Leslie Hale Graphic Communications Specialist 416.307.5643

  Sports and Contingency
  Colin Fairlie Vice President, Sports 416.307.5623
  Ben Wiggins AVP, Contingency and Amateur Sports 416.307.5628
  Christian Hanson Assistant Vice President, Sports 412.995.0042
  Bruce McKay Underwriter 416.307.5625

  Claims and Third Party Administration Services
  Kara Fagan Manager, Claims and TPA Services 416.307.5619
  Maritza Araujo Senior Claims Examiner 416.307.5609
  Lina Totino Claims Examiner 416.307.5607
  Amanda Taylor Claims Analyst 416.307.5638
  Katarina Tomasevic Administrative Assistant 416.307.5621

  Jenna Welch Accountant 416.307.5630
  Tammy Hein Accounting Administrator - Payable 416.307.5613
  Elio Forestieri Accounting Administrator - Receivable 416.307.5614

  Information Technology
  Desmond DeGazon Vice President, Information Technology 416.307.5624

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